Cat, called Kaye, never grew up with religion; her mother likes to joke that she raised Cat and her siblings as "heathens," though Norse gods were never a part of her day-to-day life as a child. She grew up with stories and tales told to her by her mother and grandmother, of beasts and spirits and the things that go bump in the night. Belief in ghosts and the fae was never quite frowned upon, and with a head for stories and various tales, she began to find a path through that avenue.

Spiritually speaking, her patron is Anubis, and she is a devotee the Hellenic goddess Persephone. In the last few years, Cat has become something of a deity collector after a few ill-advised words spoken aloud have brought several new deities to her attention. Her path focuses on folklore and mythology; she is currently developing a path based on these old tales for the modern world and identifies as a historically informed polytheist and Pagan. Cat also identifies as a witch, studying hedgewitchery and traditional witchcraft.

Though her religion is never far from her mind, Cat holds a day job as an Editor for a consulting company in the DMV. She graduated with honors in English, minoring in History, Classical Studies, and Medieval Studies because her school didn't offer mythology as a major. Travel has always been a dream of hers, and she aims to see most of the world in the coming years. Currently, Cat divides her attention between studying Italian, Spanish, and German; writing supernatural fiction; kitchen experimentation; and playing tug with her two mutts, Low-Key and Hera.

Vice President

Angelica, called Chase in online Pagan circles, is a death worker, first and foremost. Formerly Roman Catholic, then atheist, she practiced Kemetic revivalism for four years before plunging feet-first into a more death-inspired spiritual path. She focuses on ancestor veneration, grave-tending, and the alternative death movement. Magically-speaking, she considers herself an urban witch. She is oath-bound to Anubis and is also a devotee of Persephone and Tyr. Her aspirations include becoming a death midwife and providing a free, online resource for her fellow death workers.

In the mundane world, Angelica is a graduate of Pennsylvania State University and currently works as an IT analyst. She majored in Japanese language and culture, and loves traveling abroad. Her hobbies include cooking, learning languages, photography, board games, and video games.

Angelica can be found at her website, The Sacred Bones.


Shannon (or Sionnan) is the youngest of the three, in terms of time spent practicing. She is actively attempting to reclaim the name Heathen and worships Frigg and Freyr. Her practice focuses on the hearth and home, sustainable agriculture, and social justice. She enjoys astrology, divination, and yelling excitedly about gods, spirits, and the nature of the universe.

Before becoming an aspiring Pagan farmer, Shannon spent six years in the United States military. Now she's finishing up her degree in Animal Science from the University of Maryland and preparing to move on to her next big adventure.